Explore a collaborative culture of inclusion, growth, and originality, supported by
resources that make a difference in your life.

Work with Doosoft

Explore a collaborative culture of inclusion, growth,
and originality, supported by resources that make a
difference in your life.



Job Description

• Develop websites using Javascript stack such as Nodejs, Nextjs, React, Typescript, and GraphQL
• Work in Scrum
• Have responsibility
• Able to switch between fullstack, frontend, and backend roles or focus on one area
• Freedom to propose and make decisions on choosing new technologies


Job Description

• Analyze and create UI by working with creative designer to create the best user experience
• Analyze and design essential REST API for develop applications
• Develop responsive web applications and mobile applications
• Coordinate with staffs in design team and clients
• Coordinate with development team, design team and other related teams including QA to create integration tests
• Create unit test for responsible function
• Ensure compatibilities between applications and internet browsers


Job Description

• Work closely with Product, Project Team and Back-end Developer Lead on new feature, version and timeline review including issue solving
• Develop and design software architecture by RESTFul API
• Quality control process by Automated testing before work with QA Tester team to define another bug and revise it before product launched
• Support Customer Support and Service after receiving problems or issues from users


Job Description

• Able to recommend UX/UI, define and document new patterns for our established design system
• Be a part of agile (Scrum) development team which requires participation from product discovery until product reaches customer’s hand.
• Able to break down requirement/estimate effort and time in order to manage and deliver task within timeline
• Perform fundamental UXUI process to turn software into easy-to-use product.


Job Description

• Uses test utilities to generate and prepare test data.
• Detect and track software defects and inconsistencies.
• Provide timely solutions with Lead and Teams
• Apply quality engineering principals throughout the Agile product lifecycle.
• Provide support and documentation (Test case, UAT, User Manual)
• Analyzing users' stories and/use cases/requirements for validity and feasibility


Job Description

• Work with key stakeholders to align expectation and deliverables.
• Collaborate with Development team and QA team to ensure quality and agreed expectation of software deliverables.
• Lead UAT testing with users and related parties.
• Ensure timeline and delivery is on plan as per agreement with stakeholders.
• Provide consultancy and recommendation for users’ pains’ point with suitable operations/workarounds or IT solutions.

Work experience

Through formalized training and hands-on learning, you’ll analyze data, solve problems, and design solutions with the customer at the center.

Have a big impact

You’ll own your project from start to finish, diving deep into products, services, and programs that will impact millions of customers.

Working with other positions

Your manager will pair you with a co-workers in other positions who will work and support you, providing feedback for your success.